About Us

In October 2013 a dream was born, what started with three friends ( Lisa Rondelli, Todd Richwine & April Richwine) and a love of food quickly turned into Far-Out Fred's Food truck. Each friend had their favorite eateries around Indianapolis & a special one for each different kind of cuisine. While thinking for ideas for what kind of truck many different options came & went when they were reminded of a childhood favorite.

The way this "burger" was created in their childhood sparked the idea of taking the same concept but personalizing it for each different country around the world. Bringing the need to stop at multiple locations to get the best from different cuisines non-existent. Together they created each burger featured on the menu & the delicious sides that accompany them. In 2015, an owner April Richwine (pictured) submitted these ideas to Indy's Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challange here in Indianapolis,IN & was selected as a top 3 finalist. Our love for good food, good friends & a good time has allowed us to travel in our truck & spread culinary bliss to Indianapolis & surrounding counties.

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